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Tired of High Mortgage Payments - Get a Credit Union Mortgage Instead
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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If you are stick and tired of paying high rates for your mortgage, then maybe it is high time that you think about getting a credit union mortgage instead. Credit unions offer lower prices and rates on their mortgages and can give you much better deals on all of the credit based purchases that you make, making them a valuable tool for anyone who is looking to purchase a big ticket, high end item like a house, a car, or a recreational vehicle of some sort.

However, before you dash over to your nearest credit union in hopes of getting a low rate on your next mortgage payment, there are a few things that you need to know first. The first, and most important, aspect of getting a low rate credit union mortgage is that you have to belong to a credit union first. Not so tough, right? Well, unlike a commercial bank that only requires a quick background check, a credit union requires that you meet their criteria - often placing you into a category of some sort. This is because credit unions are cooperatives of people who all share one common trait. Maybe they live in the same zip code, maybe they went to the same college, but you need to determine the defining criteria of a credit union before you can join.

So why are mortgage rates so low for a credit union? This is because, unlike regular banks, credit unions are non profit cooperatives, meaning that they could care less about making millions on your money. Nearly all of the profits made from a mortgage loan go right back into the hands of the credit union customers in the form of interest. Therefore, because a credit union has no desire to make major amounts of money, a credit union mortgage is almost always lower than a commercial bank mortgage.

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