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Why It Is Easy to Take Advantage of Low Credit Union Rates on a Loan
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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When it comes to finding a loan that is fitting for your lifestyle, and your income, a lot of people tend to forget about the amazingly low credit union rates on loans. Maybe it is because people just go with whatever is easiest for them, and simply get a loan from the company they are purchasing the item from. Maybe they have never heard about credit unions before. Whatever the reason, far too many credit union loans go unused simply because people fail to take advantage of them.

But you are not like most people. You know a good deal when you see it, so the next time you plan on making a big ticket item purchase, you plan on heading down to your local credit union to see what they can offer you. Hold on a minute, though. There is no point in simply walking into a credit union to take advantage of those low credit union rates. No, you have to belong to the union in order to get a loan from them.

So the first thing you need to do is a little bit of online research to see what the requirements are to join credit unions in your area. Even if you don’t meet the requirements for those particular credit unions, there may be more in other places in the state that you do meet the requirements for, so do not stop searching for a credit union just because you can’t find one within a few miles of your house. Once you have located a credit union that would be perfect for you, call them up and have them send you sign up forms and membership materials. Fill those out, send them back in, and in no time you will have access to the great, low credit union rates on your next loan.

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